Saturday, September 17, 2011

What Am I?

The big bang theory is defined as a " cosmological theory holding that the universe originated approximately 20 billion years ago from the violent explosion of a very small agglomeration (cluster) of matter of extremely high density and temperature". Like most people, I have always thought about the origins of life. I believe it was those thoughts in part that lead me to the faith in a creator namely the one described in Christianity. However lately I have been intigued by the study of intelligent design and evolution. I was watching a video with Ben Stein and R.C. Sproul. If you haven't seen it I would totally check it out on you tube. In there discussion they talk about Steins role in the movie Expelled and his view on I.D. I had always knew there was debate about the origin of life but what I did not know was that there are acclaimed scientist that are to put it simply being persecuted by there peers because of there challenges to Darwinianin evolution. As I probed further I found that there are several books and videos debating this issue. From what I have seen thus far which isn't much, it seems like the only questions raised about I.D. are really generated out of fear. I watched a video with scientist Peter Ward and Stephen Meyer. In answering one group of questions Peter explains the benefits that we have seen from science being studied from an evolutionary stand point. His answer starts out very logical, very informative, and then abruptley ends by saying if you accept intelligent design you have to stop taking modern medicine. I relate that to someone who looks at a most recent murder statistic in any major city. This person then looks at his friend who says "if you decide to move there you mine as well just kill yourself. Conclusions motivated by fear are more often then not illogical and unwise. Of what I have seen so far the proponents of intelligent design are not seeking to replace evolution rather to come along side it and assist in areas where Darwins theories simply break down. Today is the one month anniversary of my marriage. Waking up next to my wife this morning is still as new as it was the first morning of the honeymoon. The feeling of companionship that has begun to grow over this last month is something that I never dreamed off. But as I read that definition above I begin to wonder, if that is the origin of live then what am I doing sitting on this exploded cluster? What purpose to I have? what purpose does my wife have? I struggle to derive personhood and purpose from a theory that traces the existence of man back to a biological accident. I am very much eager to learn more. I just started reading Darwins Black Box by Michael Behe. It's pretty good so far. There is also tons of videos on you tube with guys like Stephen Meyer and Micheal Schermmer. My hope is that those that read this will begin to probe if you have not been already. And if you have been searching and the big bang theory an Darwinian evolution is where you lay your hat on, I would encourage you dig deeper. Find answers to the questions that science has not and cannot answer namely why are you here? And deeper still..... Who are you? Fortudine Vincimus, Josh

Friday, September 16, 2011

Opening Thoughts

As a first time blogger I was trying to think what my first blog should be about. Through much contemplation I figured I should just conform to most and just introduce myself. I am a 25 year old evangelical Christian. I am newly married to a beautiful women. Emily and I are going on almost a month of marriage. She is my companion, my lover and friend. I have found myself wondering over the past month how I ever made it this long without her. I am currently working as a property manager, managing foreclosed homes for banks. I could easily go into more detail about what that in tails, but I figured if I had any hope of this blog ever being read I should probably refrain. Though it is not my dream job, it is a good stable job. As I said in the beginning of the blog I am a Christian. I believe that God ( the Christian God of the bible to be PC) is the creator of the world and everything in it. I believe that this God sent his only son to live a perfect life which non could and die a death that all other man should. It is my hope and prayer that I can use this blog to record my thoughts to not only better articulate what I know to be true, but also that it may serve as an aid to some. I do not pretend to know much but I believe the words of a broken man can impact many. Fortudine Vincimus, Josh